My Thoughts On The Internal Monologue Post

My last post blew up unexpectedly, which is nice. But I feel some responsibility to try to rationalize this whole thing. I am hoping that some good can come from this realization. I hope it gives scientists a better understanding of the brain, which can eventually lead to breakthroughs in mental health. A lot of depression and anxiety stems from that “little voice in the back of your head.” I had a theory that maybe people that do not have the internal monologue could be better defended against depression. Nowadays, so many people are being diagnosed with mental illness, so maybe it is an evolutionary benefit if we are talking in terms of Darwinism. Darwin always preached that animals that survive the longest are the ones that are the best at adapting and overcoming disadvantages. So maybe it is our way of preventing unwanted deaths from suicide, addictions, and other adverse effects caused by mental illnesses. I am not saying that any of this theory holds any scientific weight at all, but it does get you thinking. This theory can easily be tested through surveys and polls, so I hope this sparks the interest of anyone with a passion for psychology/neurology. Who knows, maybe this will cause a domino effect of theories and experiments which can ultimate improve our understanding of this batshit crazy world we live in. Whatever comes out of this, I am just glad that people are using their brains and connecting with others around them. Everyone is so distracted by the external world and forgets to look inwards.




135 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Internal Monologue Post

  1. I can’t believe the little mean voice in people’s heads is actually a voice! Everything in my brain is completely abstract – the thoughts, images, decisions. So let’s say a friend cancels plans on me. I don’t hear in my head, “see she doesn’t like you! She doesn’t want you around!” But I feel it. I’m not hearing it or thinking that sentence but that idea is abstractly passing through my mind. It’s impossible to understand. Even when I choose to respond to that negative thought with a more loving and true thought, it’s not a sentence, I just run the idea through my head. It’s the essence and the feeling of an idea that I experience, not the actual words and sentences. This is also why journaling, writing poetry and music are so important for me. It’s the only way to concretely process my thinking and understand it!

    Anyways, just some thoughts! (Or maybe just me processing where I fall in these descriptions). Thanks for writing!

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    • Interesting about your relationship with journaling, because I have always found journaling to be redundant and unnecessary as I can never write as quickly as I can think about something within my own inner monologue.


    • sorry i should have read all through the responses first….
      I’m enna below, i have always been intensly creative visually and verbally… but i ‘m an MD, and also Asperger, ADHD, Dyslexic, …and my IT skills and abilities are worse than zero…


  2. Have any people who are deaf commented on this post or the original post? it is one of the few ways i have been able to wrap my head around this… the deaf community reads just fine without the sound to symbol correlation, so if/when they inner monologue is it concept driven, to they seen signs, imagine themselves or some phantom signer?… like the voice i hear is only a voice in the crudest sense…like it’s not male/female, it has no prosody it’s nowhere near as precise as me remembering a real voice (from a pop star singing or recalling my children’s voices) my inner voice is an abstraction ….


  3. Before to start, I must say I’m not a native English speaker. Curiosly I have to speak inside my mind to build the phrase I want express or read large sentences… That’s something to being hearing but also reading words. Myself is the kind of people that all the time is thinking… no necessary with me (I see anything, like a bird, traphic lights, telephone number, and then start a internal conversation which try to comparate, improve, change, modify or just admire it). Yes, every chance my voice can, It brokes silence… So, it’s very difficult take quick decisions when a net of possibilities are swimming in the pool. But is funny not being alone after all when clock’s running is the only noise at home.


  4. I’m an artist. My mind is filled with images and words continue to speak in my mind. I assumed most all humans operate this same way. Many times I feel something deeply and can be images before I can articulate the thoughts into words. Again I assume that’s common.


  5. I have found since i was a child that i have a varied and often intense internal dialogue, I have at least 2 very different kinds of visual and 2 distinct kinds of seemingly verbal processes within… and then there is the instant ‘knowing’ that ‘pops’ into my head whole and without apparent leadup or workout… …i have thought about this all for 20 or more years (since i was 10 or so) and politely inquired of my friends and associates and now think that everyone is like this inside but different people have different amounts of access to their internals… differing internal awareness available to them depending (it has seemed to me) upon their genetics and the exigencies and impact of the ‘externals’ they are subjected to……


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